Promotion Rules

Official Rules - Military Reunions Incentive Program

Experience Kissimmee is sponsoring an incentivized promotion which offers free T-Shirts to overnight attendees of Military Reunions held in Kissimmee. To qualify, reunion must be booked by December 31, 2016; must be held before December 31, 2017; and must be held at an Osceola County lodging property. The reunion must be registered with Experience Kissimmee prior to confirmation/booking with the property, and comply with the following:

1. Reunion Planner should register intent to hold a Military Reunion in Kissimmee with Experience Kissimmee to qualify for the promotion.

2. Experience Kissimmee sales representative will contact the Reunion Planner to follow up regarding needs and to assist the Planner.

3. When appropriate, an Experience Kissimmee sales representative will submit the Request for Proposal, on behalf of the Reunion Planner, to appropriate Kissimmee lodging properties.

4. The reunion must have at least a two-night stay and include a minimum of  25 people.

5. Participants must register on 

6. The reunion must be booked prior to December 31, 2016 and must be held prior to December 31, 2017; and must be booked with an Osceola County lodging property;

7. Proposal requests to appropriate properties should be issued by Experience Kissimmee military reunion sales representative on behalf of Reunion Organizer;

8. An Experience Kissimmee sales representative must receive confirmation from the Reunion Organizer and the property when the reunion is officially booked;

9. Upon receipt of confirmation, the Experience Kissimmee sales representative will provide to Reunion Organizer the information necessary for ordering their T-shirts;

10. Shirts will need to be ordered based on the templates, colors, size ranges, and shirt selections provided.

11. General Terms and Conditions:

A. This military reunion incentive promotion can be discontinued by Experience Kissimmee at any time without prior notice;
B. Any reunions confirmed prior to the suspension of the promotion will  be fulfilled according to these rules;
C. The resulting contract will be between the Reunion Organizer and the  lodging facility;
D. The free t-shirts for the Reunion will be delivered to the Reunion Headquarters lodging property one day prior to the first day of the reunion;
E. The participating lodging property and the Reunion Organizer must provide a report at the conclusion of the reunion as to number of people attending and total number of lodging units used;
F. Reunion Organizer will be asked to complete a brief survey for Experience Kissimmee;
G. Experience Kissimmee Staff will have final determination as to any questions regarding qualifications, the meeting of qualifications, and the delivery of t-shirts.
H. Liability: Experience Kissimmee, the Tourism Development Department of Osceola County, Osceola County, and its employees will not be held liable for any action of the lodging/meeting facility or venues or the Military Reunion Organizer, Military Reunion Committee, or the Military Reunion Attendees.
I. Employees and families of Experience Kissimmee and Osceola County, Florida, or associated agencies or vendors, are not eligible for this promotional incentive.



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