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Osceola County Softball Complex

The official Eastern training facility for America’s Olympic Gold Medal winning Women's Softball team, Osceola County Softball Complex is an award-winning facility, including recognition as Complex of the Year by the United States Specialty Sports Association.
• Five softball fields, all built to U.S. Softball regulations.
• Lighted, with dimensions of 300 feet down the line, 300 feet to the power alleys, and 300 feet to centerfield
• Fence capabilities, 200-foot to 225 feet
• Bermuda grass outfields and clay blend pitcher's mound and home plate
• Infield and sideline 80/20 blend clay skin
• Two covered dugouts per field, equipped with water fountains
• 500-seat bleachers per field
• Electronic scoreboards, public address system and underground irrigation
• Three-story, state-of-the-art clubhouse
For booking information and services, contact our Sports Team at 800-831-1844.


  • Attraction Length of Tour: 2 - 4 Hrs.

Sports Venues

-Venue Info
  • Allow Outside Catering:
  • Audience Seating Outdoor:
  • Catering Available:
  • Outdoor Venue:
  • Field Lights:
  • Number of Dirt Infields: 5
  • Number of Little League Fields: 5
  • Total Number of Baseball Fields: 5
  • Total Number of Softball Fields: 5
  • Field Lights:
-Soccer/Field Hockey, LaCrosse
  • Field Lights:
-Sports Venue
  • Athletic Equipment Available:
  • Concession Stand:
  • Facility Layout:
  • Lights:
  • Number of Parking Spaces: 643
  • Onsite Athletic Equipment:
  • PA System:
  • Restrooms:
  • Scoreboards:
  • Total SeatingCapacity: 3,000
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