Debby Guertin Debby Guertin (bio)
Director of Destination & Event Services DGuertin@KissimmeeSports.com
(407) 569-4850
 John Poole John Poole (bio)
Director of Sports Marketing &
(407) 569-4838
 Ashley Monaghan Ashley Monaghan (bio)
Destination & Event Services Manager AMonaghan@KissimmeeSports.com
(407) 569-4818
 Adam Headshot Adam Ashton (bio)
Sports Development Manager
(407) 569-4837
 Rebecca Headshot Rebecca Puntoni (bio)                      Event Planner RPuntoni@KissimmeeSports.com (407) 569-4824  Kayla Duench Kayla Duench (bio)
Event Services Coordinator
(407) 569-4852
 Gail Bartashy Gail Bartashy (bio)                       Event Coordinator, Sports GBartashy@KissimmeeSports.com (407) 569-4861  blank headshot Tyler Weyant (bio)
Event Planner TWeyant@KissimmeeSports.com
(407) 569-4823
 blank headshot Sara Sanchez (bio)
Sports Development Coordinator SSanchez@KissimmeeSports.com
(407) 569-4882
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