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Power Shopping!

Three major shopping destinations in one day? No problem.  

In Central Florida, everything is over the top, including the shopping venues. Whether it's super-high-end stores or bargain outlets, we've got 'em. And a lot of them. In others [...]

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Shopping the Kissimmee Way

Shopping is an Olympic sport with my teenager, especially with graduation money burning a hole in her pocket. It isn't necessarily a favorite of mine, but as a coupon shopper I admit to looking forward to our annual trips to Kissimmee to visit the [...] more »

Come Spend a Day at the Loop!

If you've had your fill of the amusement parks while you're on vacation in Kissimmee & need a break for the day to just go shopping, go to the movies, try a new restaurant or simply get a pedicure you'll want to go check out The Loop!  The Loop [...] more »

Shopping in Kissimmee

As someone who loves to shop, I have to say that Kissimmee has some great digs for shopaholics. Here are my favorites: Florida Mall, the premier shopping destination, features 250+ stores and spans almost 2 million square feet. Many of the stores [...] more »

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