Hey there!  I’m Lisa Carey and with my husband Bryan, we are the “parent” in Money Saving Parent.   We are so excited knowing that our long awaited for trip to Kissimmee, Florida is just around the corner and we aren't the only ones!  Our own little Princesses will be making the trip with us all the way from Houston, Texas.    Our trip has actually been in the planning stages for quite some months and it’s so exciting to see all our plans coming together. What makes this trip even more sensational is that my parents (aka Grandma and Grandpa) are going to be traveling with us!  They live almost 1900 miles away from us so one way we can all spend some quality time together is to work it into our vacation.  At least once a year we decide on one location to meet and spend the week together.  This is no easy feat when you consider what six or more people want to do while they are on vacation.  It’s not our first time planning a mini family reunion in the Kissimmee area.  It has actually turned into a little bit of a family tradition.  It seems every couple of years or so, we all end up agreeing that it’s time to visit again!   It’s no wonder that Kissimmee is our choice again this year because there is something for everyone. Our somethings for everyone included of course several theme park attractions, dining and entertainment, shopping, wildlife adventure  and this year not just the kids will get the royal treatment, but Dad and Grandpa too - but more about that later. Well it’s time to go get packing, but I’ll be back.   I can’t wait to share our family’s adventures with you and hopefully give you some amazing ideas to consider when planning your next family vacation in the Kissimmee, Florida area. Want to know more about our other travel adventures, fun activities we do at home, money saving recipes and money saving tips and advice?   Come join us on Money Saving Parent as we find and share ways to save for tomorrow while living for today!