Located near the historic district of Kissimmee, Shingle Creek Regional Park offers a serene nature excursion that is secluded from the busy city just outside the gates. Full of historic buildings and picturesque locations to stop and take a little break, Shingle Creek is a beautiful location for a morning stroll through the great outdoors. Dotted with benches and beautiful wooden bridges, the nature trails provide a quiet retreat from the noisy theme parks that guests typically associate with the town of Kissimmee.

The seclusion is not an indicator of safety, however. While at SeaWorld and Disney World, we were able to park our stroller (with valuables inside) with no worries of anything being stolen. While parked at Shingle Creek, our car window was smashed and a small bag containing a change of clothes for my daughter and my Rose Petal scented candle was stolen. We were exploring the trails for maybe thirty minutes, tops. So be warned: There are no cameras. There are no rangers on staff. Park at your own risk, just as you would at any state park. That said, several of the locals that frequent Shingle Creek Regional Park were surprised that this happened. They said it is typically a very safe location, and many families allow their children to run up and down the trails with little supervision. While that was not our experience, I do believe we were just there at the wrong time. Shingle Creek is a beautiful and serene location, and this was an isolated incident in a tourist city. If ever in Kissimmee, I would definitely want to go back to Shingle Creek for a morning stroll. Whenever you go on vacation, make sure you take a few safety precautions into consideration:
  • Don't park near the road. Park closer to the trails or public areas to ward off criminals that do a quick smash-and-grab.
  • Don't leave valuables in your car. This includes things that could even appear to be valuables, like the small clothing bag we had up front.
  • Do keep in mind that crimes against tourists happen everywhere. The Osceola Sheriffs office deputy that handled our case said a separate division for crimes against tourists was set up for the safety of visitors. Unfortunately, this happens in every tourist destination, so please be careful!
What is your favorite Kissimmee area park to visit?