It's true, what they say: Disney is magical. Part of the magic lies in Disney's ability to cater to both children and adults of all ages. Downtown Disney, an outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment complex in Lake Buena Vista (near Kissimmee), is the perfect example of Disney magic. After a day of fun at Downtown Disney, Lin and I discovered some incredible food, activities and shops for adults, kids and both: Kids Build your own Disney Mr. Potato Head play set at Once Upon a Toy. Disney Quest is an "indoor interactive theme park" housed in an iconic windowless 5-story building. Each floor has themed games and activities. LEGO Imagination Center is superb for letting children be creative. Play with Lego, purchase your own and admire incredible sculptures made entirely of Lego (including Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story, a scene from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and the Loch Ness Monster). Disney's Pin Traders. Kids have great fun collecting, sharing and trading these special pins they can affix to their Disney Parks lanyard. Adults Experience Disney through your children's eyes-- an absolutely magical experience! Restaurants cater to both children and adults, but adults will especially enjoy food from world-class chefs, delicious drinks (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) and exsquisite desserts. Kids & Adults Candy Cauldron. Drool over beautifully made confections, including Mickey-shaped cookies, candy apples and fudge in several flavours. The AMC Movie Theater plays current blockbusters and even offers an in-theater dining experience. Disney's Days of Christmas. Celebrate Christmas year-round in this store, plus take advantage of holiday-themed photo ops. What are you most excited to experience at Downtown Disney?