Ripley's Believe it or Not has been on the top of the kids list of places they wanted to go in Kissimmee. Every year we pass that topsy turvy building with a promise to come one day, but money always seems to be tight once we get there.  This year during my Groupon stalking, a great deal popped up for discount tickets for Ripley's.  Buying the deal saved us $30 off the price of admission for our family of five, which was a savings of over 40% off the regular ticket price.  Getting the deal made it an affordable option for our family.

Ripley's Storyboard

One of my concerns about going to Ripley's was that the kids might be scared of some of the exhibits. Even though they said they wanted to go more than anything else, I've been their mom long enough to know how quickly they get spooked. I have to say they did really well. The only time they seemed scared was when we went through the torture room. Sonny had gone through first and sent a warning back to me that the kids might need to close their eyes and move faster.  You know they peeked right?  And you know they got scared?  We tried to save them, but they just wouldn't let us. Ripley's Believe it or Not 3 They did recover from the scare pretty quickly and went back to having a great time.  It was around this then that we came to our vote as the most fun part of the exhibit -- The Time Machine.  You spin the dial to rewind and see yourself at a point earlier in the Ripley's tour.  I won't spoil the fun and tell you the point at which you are recorded, so you'll have to visit for yourself to find out. Ripley's Believe it or Not 4 One part of the attraction that we didn't expect was the photo booth about half way through.  While we all had fun seeing ourselves as cheerleaders and Star Wars characters, it seemed out of place and an odd place to put the photo booth.  The salesman wasn't pushy, so we politely said no thanks and went on our way. Dalton was most intrigued by the 10,000 square foot building appearing to fall into a Florida sinkhole. Overall, we had a great time walking through the attraction and seeing the unbelievable.  The kids enjoyed the interactive nature of the 16 unique exhibits, which made it less museum and more fun.