Having grown up in Florida I'd been to Disney parks a few times and each time was just as wonderful as the first time. However, in all my visits I had never been to the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. I was so excited to arrive at Epcot and see such beautiful creations. It was truly amazing to see just what can be done with flowers and plants. My husband and I quickly headed into the park to explore.

The festival started March 6 and will go through May 19. During the festival kids can play in themed play areas made just for the festival. See their favorite characters in a different way. As an adult, I really took in the awesome amount of creativity it had to take to make these plant creations.

Strolling around each country in the world showcase and experiencing each country while looking at the plants during the showcase, made for a wonderful adventure for my husband and I. When we were down with the kids last time we didn't really get to look around, this time it was nice to stroll and take everything in. Though I think my kids may like it a little more this time of year. Especially seeing their favorite characters, plant style.

They can also check out the new Oz themed part of the park. With games, fun house mirrors, and a play area they will definitely feel like they are in a new land. They can stroll through the butterfly gardens for a look at the life cycle of a butterfly gardens. The colors during this festival, throughout the park, are so bright and beautiful. This is definitely a wonderful time of year to go so you can see Epcot in a whole new way.

Don't forget to check out the Flower Power concert series where artists like Chubby Checker and The Village People will be performing this year. Next time you are planning your trip to the area, consider making it during the Epcot International Flower and Plant Festival. It's definitely a time worth coming.