Three times per year (January, February and November), Renninger's in Mt. Dora, Florida hosts the Antiques & Collectors Extravaganza. This weekend event draws quite a crowd all in hopes of finding a treasure.

With over 1400 dealers from all over the U.S., you never know what you will find! If you're a picker, appreciate old things, or dream of finding a million dollar treasure and taking it to the Antique's Roadshow, then Renninger's is an event you won't want to miss! 

Be prepared to stay all day, there are tents located outside, covered pavilions as well as indoor air conditioned shopping. The terrain is quite hilly, so if you are pushing a stroller it can be challenging (the sand makes it difficult, too). Also, forget looking cute and opt for your most comfortable walking shoes! The extravaganza is held rain or shine, so come prepared (sunscreen and/or umbrella)! We attended day one (Friday) and tried to negotiate with a few dealers, but didn't have much luck. From past experience, we knew Sunday is the best day to snag a bargain since dealers do not want to pack the merchandise and would prefer to make a buck. But, I did score a cool wood sign for my son's room on day one.

We returned on Sunday to see if dealer's would be willing to negotiate more (and we had our eye on a piece of art from Friday). Unfortunately, the artwork already sold. Also, many dealers opted not to return on the final day, so we missed out on a few other items. We learned some valuable lessons, do not wait on something you love and Sundays may not be the best days because the merchandise and/or dealer may not be there.

On a positive note, we did score this awesome repurposed cart / coffee table on Sunday (as well as a goose neck lamp and vintage legos mint in box).

If you are not as adventurous and prefer a comfortable, air conditioned vintage marketplace then I highly recommend Adjectives Market located at 1215 E. Altamonte Dr., Altamonte Springs FL 32701. Adjectives is open daily from 10 - 7 (with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas). While it is not nearly as large as Renninger's, you do not have to pick through junk. The place is loaded with high quality unique merchandise.

We visit weekly and are amazed to always see new items. Our advice, if you see something you like then put a "hold" on it while you shop and think. Otherwise, your treasure could be gone (this has happened to us on several occasions). Also, the employees are so nice and helpful. Adjectives Market is by far one of our favorite eclectic shops in the area.