Well, that's going to wrap my week here up on i.seekissimmee.com!  I hope you enjoyed hearing about all of the different things there are to do in Kissimmee and the near surrounding area.  I know I barely skimmed the surface with all the activities and good food there is to try out there, but I'll just have to leave some of the other fun stuff for the next featured bloggers to write about! Also, make sure you keep an eye out throughout the year for special deals and such on sites like Groupon & Living Social!  I know I've found many deals on there throughout the year and it's always great money saver!  Also, if you're planning a Kissimmee vacation, make sure you've got a plan in place and if there are any certain places you want to eat, definitely call in advance and set up reservations, so you don't miss out when you get here!  I highly recommend the Hoop Dee Do Revue for one!  It will definitely leave you with some wonderful memories & a bunch of laughs. Don't forget to take a little drive to the Blue Bird Bake Shop for some of the best darn cupcakes ever!   Well, I hope to see you real soon!  Coming to Kissimmee will be one of your best vacations ever, hands down!  I know it was for me & that's why I moved down here!  Sunshine, Disney & so much door right in my own backyard every day of the year!  Love it!  Okay...now go start planning your vacation!  TTFN...Ta, Ta For Now!