I’m sure you have heard of Tupperware, you probably have some stored away in your kitchen, or even handed down from generation to generation.  Well, did you know the Tupperware World Headquarters are right here in Kissimmee?  Located just one mile North of Gatorland, the Tupperware Confidence Center is not only the office headquarters but also a museum. As you take a self-guided tour through the museum, you learn the story of how the world’s most recognized storage containers came to be.  It all began with an idea crafted by Mr. Earl Tupper.  Aside from his containers he also had a vision for a new sales and marketing strategy.   Tupperware was originally found on store shelved but Mr. Tupper realized that door-to-door sales was actually a better way to go and soon it evolved into the famous Tupperware parties. As I strolled through the museum I was impressed by the interactive touch screen that filled entire walls.  It was a great way to take in some of the history as well as learn about the impact Tupperware has had on the world.  Glass displays also showcased Tupperware containers through history.  It reminded me that I should probably return that Tupperware container my mom let me borrow.  After taking a look through history, I made my way to the gift shop and picked up a couple new pieces.  You can also take home a cute little key-chain by donating a dollar to Tupperware (I left with 3 key-chains).  Overall, I think the Tupperware Confidence Center is worth a visit, even if you only have 30 minutes on your way to Downtown Kissimmee or Gatorland, stop in and check it out.