Helmet fixed in place, harness snug around my waist, carabineer securely locked on the line, it’s go time, and there’s only one thing to tell my fears – zip it. From 60 feet above ground I leap into the open air and begin a 30-mile per hour flight through treetops and over swamplands of untamed Florida wilderness. As my feet brush the platform, I reunite with fellow thrill seekers, but the adrenaline rush isn’t over yet. With six zips left on this two and a half hour zip-line safari at Forever Florida, there’s plenty of adventure waiting. Florida EcoSafaris offers zip-line experiences in St. Cloud at Forever Florida, a 4,700-acre eco-ranch and wildlife conservation area. In the heart of this rugged preserve, viewpoints offer uninterrupted views of natural ecosystems. Included with the purchase of a safari ticket is admission to the EcoPark.  The five attractions here offer theme park thrills with a zipped twist. The most unique is Rattlesnake, which soars and dips riders on the first zip-line roller coaster in the United States. Peregrine Plunge is a side-by-side racing zip, and the longest single straightaway zip-line in the state. Fly like a bird on Swooping Crane, or for a gentler experience, pedal through the treetops with Cypress Canopy Cycle. All these attractions were thrilling for sure, but it was the Panther Pounce that sent the most shock waves of nervous terror through my system. At this attraction, you step straight off a platform into midair. Participating in this free fall required me to muster all the courage I had and close my eyes. Though the fall felt like years, after just a few seconds I was caught by the pulley and gently drifted the rest of the way to the ground.   With so much to take in, zip-lining is a full day experience. For a different take, you can also zip under the light of the moon at select nights each month.