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Boggy Creek Airboat Tour with Captain Chad

Seated in an airboat at Boggy Creek, the sun sinks into my skin and fills me with a sense of peace that is paralleled by the shimmering waters of the lake. Hearing protection in place, we pull away from the dock and pick up speed, seemingly heading [...] more »

Rookie Wrestling at Gatorland

Ever since I saw Steve Irwin on The Crocodile Hunter, I've had a strange desire to get up close and personal with members of the Crocodilian family tree. And so, when I heard Gatorland offers visitors the opportunity to wrestle a gator, I knew I had [...] more »

Zip-Lining at Forever Florida

Helmet fixed in place, harness snug around my waist, carabineer securely locked on the line, it’s go time, and there’s only one thing to tell my fears – zip it. From 60 feet above ground I leap into the open air and begin a 30-mile per hour flight [...] more »

Braving the SkyCoaster

  When I heard that Funspot USA is home to the world’s tallest skycoaster, I just had to check it out. For an experience this treacherous, I knew I would need some company, so I managed to convince my coworker Rochelle to come along for the [...] more »

Roller Coaster Countdown

  Kissimmee is the theme park capitol of the world, and that means plenty of roller coasters. Roller Coasters are a great way to get an instant rush of adrenaline. Here are my top five area favorites.     One: Manta [...] more »

Thrills Kissimmee Style

What’s the best part about living in the Kissimmee area? For me, a self-proclaimed adrenaline junky, it’s got to be the access to all the vein-pulsing thrills found in the destination’s diverse array of attractions.  From the world’s best roller [...] more »

Kissimmee, It is Hard to Say Goodbye

Kissimmee has been good to the Prater family this week! We arrived in Florida to perfect temperatures, a beautiful home and a week packed of fun-filled activities. We visited some of Florida's most popular theme parks like LEGOLAND and the [...] more »

What to do with Teenagers in the Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World is special in regards that it appeals to all ages. Where else can you take your toddlers, your teenagers and your parents' and ensure that everyone is going to have a wonderful time? My daughter was seven years old last time we [...] more »

In Search of Manatees at Blue Spring State Park

Other than while visiting an aquarium, I've never seen a manatee. Zoos and aquariums are wonderful. We visit them as a family often, but there is something extremely captivating about seeing an animal in its wild, natural habitat. On this trip to [...] more »

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