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The Christmas Lights Are Shining in Kissimmee

We decided to take the evening and ride around viewing Christmas lights all the while the girls sipping their hot chocolate with mommy and daddy sipping their Starbucks! I did some searching on Google and found out about this one residence in [...] more »

Wishing we were still in Kissimmee!

We are back now from our short time away and although we didn't travel far----we really felt like we got the time away that we all needed.  Our focus was on holiday themed activities and spending time together as a family---and we easily achieved [...] more »

Kissimmee We Have Missed You

We are so happy to be back in the warm weather this week. You see NC has been under a deep freeze once again, so we were so ready to head south and get warm. Happiness was all throughout the house when we were notified that we were invited back [...] more »

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