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Calling all General Motors Employees!

While visiting Epcot today, I learned about an awesome feature and decided to spread the word.  After a late lunch in Mexico, we headed for the Test Track, prepared to spend about 60 minutes waiting in line to ride the attraction. My [...] more »

Beach Fun!

When planning my vacation to Kissimmee, I knew that I was going to want to spend a day at the beach.  The great thing about the location of Kissimmee is that you can easily access the beach without spending an exorbitant amount of time in your [...] more »

Got 5 Hours? Go See Some Gators...

Normally I avoid alligators.  Anything with jaws larger than my pup usually means trouble, so my general rule is to just stay away.  Today, I made an exception to my rule because I knew the family really, really, REALLY wanted to visit Gatorland. [...] more »

We Have Arrived!

I'm happy to report that the Michigan contingent has arrived in Kissimmee!  Because driving would have taken too much time away from our adventures in Kissimmee, we decided to fly.  It was our first time using AirTran and I have to say that it [...] more »

21 Years Is Much Too Long...

Greetings All!  My name is Laura and I'm a full time IT Professional, Wife, Mom, and Blogger.  My blog, Laura in the Motor City, covers pretty much anything I decide to write about - with a slight bias toward technology and travel.  My love of [...] more »

Pick-a-Pearl: A Favorite Tradition

One of our favorite traditions when we're in the Kissimmee area is to visit the Pick-a-Pearl booth in the Japan pavilion at Epcot. After paying at the register, you're given a number.  When your number is called, you can select an oyster out of a [...] more »

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