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Out of This World Dining!

There are times when you are traveling that you know you need to eat somewhere or do something because you know there isn't anything like it at home. So, tonight we went to Downtown Disney and we want to show you to really neat restaurants where you [...] more »

Around The World In A Day!

Since we had never been to this part of Florida, we definitely wanted to hit up at least one more Disney Park, so we decided on Epcot. I knew very little about this park before arriving other than the iconic ball at the main gate.  The only other [...] more »

Flea Markets, Fruit, and Helicopter Rides!

There are so many times when we travel that I just like to drive around the area where I'm staying to see what's in the area.  We took an afternoon to do just that and wanted to share our "easy" afternoon as we called it! First, we stopped at Orange [...]

more »

Lego Lover's Paradise At Legoland!

Our seven-year-old son was in LEGO heaven this week at Legoland in Winter Park, FL! This is within a one hour drive from Kissimmee, and the directions are very easy from Kissimmee.  We are an avid LEGO family, and visit the Lego Store quite [...] more »

Old Town Favorites

There is nothing like taking a step back in time to a simpler way of life! Our visit to Old Town in Kissimmee gave me this nostalgic feeling of rolling back the clock 40+ years. I don't know if it was the brick lined street, the Groovy 60's store, [...] more »

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