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A Day at Sea and the Journey to Atlantis

As a family of ocean and wildlife lovers, we've always loved SeaWorld because of its exotic motif and the chance to see a wonderful collection of ocean-based wildlife. I mean, where else can you watch 50-100 penguins hang out, pretending to be [...] more »

It’s Good to be in Florida

New Beginnings Just two days ago, I was signing out of Fort Bragg for the final time, as I officially left active duty and entered civilian life. I was an Army Paratrooper for around 3 years, and when I returned from Afghanistan in 2009, I told my [...] more »

A Farewell Drink

As our Kissimmee vacation winds down, Jared and I are reluctant to make our way home. We stop off to buy shoes at the Track Shack, and having my stride analyzed buys us nearly an hour. We veer off into Winter Park and wander up and down Park [...] more »

A Little Disney For A Lot Less Money

I have nothing against Disney.  At all.  In fact, I have come around to the idea that it may in fact be The Happiest Place On Earth. However, I am not The Richest Woman On Earth, and therefore have to limit my exposure to Disney according to my [...] more »

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