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Classic Fun at Old Town

As a large family with limited funds, we are constantly on the lookout for budget friendly activities during our stay.  Using the Experience Kissimmee website made it easier to find because they offered numerous suggestions on places to visit [...] more »

Seeing the Unbelievable at Ripley's Believe it or Not

Ripley's Believe it or Not has been on the top of the kids list of places they wanted to go in Kissimmee. Every year we pass that topsy turvy building with a promise to come one day, but money always seems to be tight once we get there.  This year [...] more »

Shopping the Kissimmee Way

Shopping is an Olympic sport with my teenager, especially with graduation money burning a hole in her pocket. It isn't necessarily a favorite of mine, but as a coupon shopper I admit to looking forward to our annual trips to Kissimmee to visit the [...] more »

Good Day Kissimmee!

Let me start by introducing you to the cast of characters that will be joining me on our latest excursion to Kissimmee, FL. Firstly, I am Mardesia your narrator for the week and the blogger behind Keeping Your Cents. I am a full-time plus, [...] more »

Now It's Time To Say Goodbye, Kissimmee!

We had such a great stay in Kissimmee! We talked about our favorite parts of the week as we were packing up to leave. My younger daughter loved seeing the New Fantasyland. Seeing the characters there and going on the new Under the Sea: Journey of [...] more »

The Celebration Town Tavern Aims to Please

Visiting any amusement park makes for a long day. After six hours at SeaWorld, my family was exhausted! We decided to visit Celebration for an early dinner so we could get back to the hotel at a decent time and relax for the evening. My husband had [...] more »

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