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Hello Summer!

I can't believe the time is finally here for me to be writing my first i.seeKissimmee blog entry (and my first real blog entry of any kind). I currently do a weekly food report that I send via email to my friends (so you will definitely be seeing [...] more »

Princess Greetings at the Magic Kingdom

When your kids are a certain age (you know what I'm talking about), sometimes I think that all the rides could be shut down at the Magic Kingdom and they would never long as the characters were still there! Hunting characters down [...] more »

Dr. Phillips Splash Park

In my introduction to you I mentioned that whenever we visit Florida, we try to catch up with family and friends. Since they don't all want to go to the theme parks with us, we're always looking for new places to meet and play. Dr. Phillips [...] more »

Family Style at Maggiano's

Since my mom was coming to stay with us in Orlando, I thought that would be the perfect time to sample the Maggianos family style menu I've been hearing so much about lately. If you're not already familiar at this dining option at Maggiano's, [...] more »

Magic Kingdom Fireworks

Without a doubt, one thing that Disney is known for is its fireworks...particularly those in the Magic Kingdom. So there's nothing worse than waiting all day to watch the magic, and then ending up with a bad view or stuck in a big crowd. That's [...] more »

Disney's All Star Movies Resort | A Value for Families

If you're looking for a place to stay on Disney property without breaking the bank, then you'll want to look into the Disney All Star Resorts. Mind you, the All Star Resorts are in their "value" tier of hotels, and you're likely to notice the [...] more »

A Blast from the Past at Medieval Times

Being a Disney buff, we rarely leave the Disney World property when we're there. But when we were looking for a dinner and show that would please several generations and age groups of our family, we were delighted to find the Medieval Times dinner [...] more »

A Waterpark with Kids: Disney's Typhoon Lagoon

For years I've longed to try the Disney Waterparks, but have been weary of doing so with a baby or even preschoolers. So this year I felt it was finally our time. With my kids now 5 & 6 and better than average swimmers, I finally felt safe [...] more »

The Place for Ribs: Tony Roma's

It’s tough for us to go off Disney property for our dining, especially with the kids. But we really wanted to check out some new restaurants on this trip. There’s no denying you can typically get more for your money if you eat outside the theme [...] more »

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