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Drive on Daytona Beach Day Trip from Kissimmee

We love Florida and it has been a treat to return to Kissimmee, one of our favorite places. You may recall, I've been vacationing here, thanks to my parents, since I was a child. It's those fond memories that I want to make with my own children. [...] more »

Family Vacation to Kissimmee

We just passed the Florida State Line and we couldn't be more excited!  We are heading to Kissimmee, Florida for family vacation!  Make sure you stop at the Florida Welcome Center on your way into Florida and enjoy some of the freshest and most [...] more »

Look at all of the adventures in Kissimmee

The journey went far too quickly, but the memories of my Kissimmee experiences will stay. Isn’t it amazing how often we will travel to different cities, states or even countries, but we will fail to see what is in our own backyards?  Living in [...] more »

Bahama Breeze is island fun & fresh

Rori and I enjoy eating out and are always willing to try new things. We’re also not big on chain restaurants, mainly because they’re always the same. However, we re-discovered Bahama Breeze as a fun place to eat interesting food with fresh [...] more »

Orange World

You hear it a lot, “old Florida” vs “Florida.” I guess some might wonder why “old Florida” is so special when so much of what we do is about modernizing. So why would you care about anything “old” in Florida? People like my family and I have been [...] more »

Broadway Pizza Bar

If you’re looking for pizza, you don’t have to look far in Kissimmee.  Just do a quick Google search to find the map dotted with the many pizza parlors, chains and restaurants.  As a Chicago area native I’m always on the lookout for great pizza, [...] more »

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