Posts for March 2011

SeaWorld's Killer Apps (Day 4, Part 1)

For me, SeaWorld's 15-20-minute Killer Whale show is singularly worth the price of admission. It's amazing! The black and white coloured Killer Whale is the largest predator in the sea, and my guess, after watching these incredibly sleek animals, is [...] more »

Epcot: a world showcase on a Disney scale.

This morning we are off to Epcot with a new strategy after Universal. It's crazy for us to try to take in an entire park in one day, particularly when one member of this couple has a mobility problem. Thus, we have a two day-pass in our hot little [...] more »

Touch-down and instant warmth (Day 1)

It's a short flight from Buffalo, NY, and the exciting part is not the Southwest perfect take off nor the extremely smooth landing, but the thrilling announcement over the P.A. system by the captain that the temperature in Florida is in the mid [...] more »

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