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Bye Bye, For Now!

So Long! Farewell! Vaya condios! That’s what I said out the car window as we pulled off of 192 and on to Interstate 4 to head home. And while, yes I was exhausted from all the fun we had I was happy about our trip. We got to explore a part of [...] more »

History of the Rodeo

While I adore the Rodeo, I don’t think you could ever get me to strap my hand on to a rope around a horse’s neck, tie a rope (quite tightly) around the nether regions of said horse and let me fly. I’m brave, but not that brave. I prefer to [...] more »

Rodeo Events & Queens

When you think of the Rodeo, you probably are like most people and think of Bull Riding. While the Rodeo does have Bull Riding, it has so much more to offer you than just Bull Riding. The Silver Spurs Rodeo offers the following programs of [...] more »

Oh, Rodeo.

When I was little, I remember going to the rodeo and just loving it. I grew up loving horses and everything agricultural. I knew I wanted nothing more to be a farmer wearing overalls all day. While part of my dream has come true, I still [...] more »

Gearing Up!

Oh, shopping. My favorite part of any vacation. You get to explore new stores, find new deals and try on adorable clothing. To prep for the Silver Spurs Rodeo, I wanted my ladies to dress the part. Think cute cowgirl boots and shirts with [...] more »

Please Feed the Animals

To prep for all the fun that comes with the Rodeo, we decided to start by going to a place where we could get up close and personal with animals: Green Meadows Farm. Located way out past the 192 strip and all the brash neon lights, Green Meadows [...] more »

Distracted by a Ferris Wheel

Osceola Heritage Park doesn’t just host the Silver Spurs Rodeo. Oh no, it’s much more than that. The OHP, just a quick twenty minute drive from Orlando, is also home to the five different venues; including the Arena, Osceola County Stadium, an [...] more »

Finding History Amongst Bright Lights

My favorite thing about exploring places is the hidden gems you find along the way. The unexpected stops that bring forth memories to last a lifetime are worth making wrong turns. On our trip to Kissimmee we spotted the famous brown signs that [...] more »

Prepping for Fun

As I mentioned before, I am a Florida Native. So Kissimmee isn’t new to me. My parents were much like me, or maybe I’m like them, in their love of exploring our home state. But this is all new to my girls. My oldest can kinda say Kissimmee,  it’s [...] more »

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