Posts for January 2011

Planning Ahead

I love to travel. Sometimes - at least since I had kids - I enjoy the travel planning almost as much as I enjoy the actual travel. When I started looking for places to stay near Disney but not actually at Disney, I was thrilled when I found [...] more »

Gatorland is Full of Surprises for Families

Orlando’s alligator farm and wildlife refuge, Gatorland, surprised me in several ways during my family’s visit. Here’s how: It’s big. Located on 110 acres, Gatorland is a lot bigger than I had envisioned. There are numerous enclosures featuring [...] more »

Epcot Family Favorites

Yesterday my family ventured to my favorite park at Walt Disney WorldEpcot. This enormous amusement park offers delicious cuisine from around the world, teaches children (and adults!) about other cultures through hands-on experiences, and offers [...] more »

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