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Top 5 things to do at Crayola Experience

Here comes color: The Crayola Store is now open at the Florida Mall and ready for visitors from all over the world to embrace their creative side. This two story attraction with 70,000 square-feet of colorful fun, is located just minutes from [...]

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Discover Kissimmee’s best water parks

Need to cool off? Kissimmee has you covered.

There's nothing better than visiting a water park on a warm Florida day and Kissimmee has some of the most fun and creative ways to splash the day away. Featuring everything from tunnels to reefs, [...]

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Exploring Universal Orlando® Resort for the first time

I am a lifelong theme park fan. I cherish the memories of spending time at Walt Disney World with my dad, and we were among the first in line for Universal Studios when it opened in 1990. My wife, Jenny, loves theme parks, too, I even proposed to [...]

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An Insider Look at a Real Life Escape Game

Escape games are built on a pretty simple concept: collect clues, solve puzzles, beat the clock, and ESCAPE!

But, when you enter a themed room that transports you into a completely different era or place and see the clock ticking [...]

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Kissimmee is the Way to Disney

Enjoying a budget-friendly family getaway

2014 was a busy year for us. In fact, for our family of four, life just seems to get busier and busier, year after year. Between Sophie's twice-a-week dance classes and Grace's gymnastics, it feels [...]

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Celebrating the 4th of July in Kissimmee

The night's sky will glow with patriotic hues from the nearby attractions while local parks and neighborhoods provide the perfect hometown, quaint celebrations everyone can enjoy this 4th of July in Kissimmee.

Celebrate July 4th with the [...]

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Celebraciones del 4 de Julio

Cuando se trata del 4 de Julio, no hay mejor lugar en donde estar que en Kissimmee. Las atracciones locales resplandecen los cielos con sus intensos colores patrióticos. Sus parques y todo el resto del pueblo se contagian de un fervor patriótico [...]

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Best of the Best- Top 10 Kissimmee Attractions

A family's getaway to explore Kissimmee's Top 10 Attractions 

It was that time of year again: our annual family trip to Kissimmee. Our four-person pack has been spending a week in this epicenter of entertainment for nearly a decade now, and [...]

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